Accidents happen all the time, especially in toddlers and children.  Things such as a bump to the chin or a fall can damage teeth and sometimes the supporting bone and gums.  Trauma to the teeth at any age can cause a wide range of dental problems.

It is crucial to organise a dental review as soon as possible after an accident involving the dentition.  Our dentists are able to minimise the risk of further damage and advise on the best treatment options for each circumstance.

Here are some guidelines for what to do if a tooth is avulsed, or ‘knocked out’.

1)     If a child has lost a baby tooth, do not attempt to replant this tooth.  Arrange a review at the dentist.

2)     If a child or adult has lost a permanent tooth, it should be replanted immediately if possible.  This requires some confidence but the sooner the tooth is replaced, the greater the chance that it will survive in the long term.  If the tooth is dirty, rinse it with milk/saline and avoid touching the root and replant the tooth.  An emergency appointment will be needed with a dentist as soon as possible.

3)     If replanting the tooth is too difficult, arrange an immediate dental appointment to have the tooth replanted.  In the meantime, the tooth should be stored in milk or saliva.  The tooth should not be placed in tap water.

If an accident has caused any nausea, vomiting or loss of consciousness, the patient will need to be taken to the hospital emergency department immediately for assessment.

Finally, don’t panic!  Help is always on hand at Complete Family Dental.

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