A good oral health starts with looking after your child’s baby teeth. A common misconception is that baby teeth are replaced so therefore they don’t require as much care. However, baby teeth that are rotten often have more permanent effects than you expect.

Decayed baby teeth are usually lost before their natural exfoliation time. This can lead to incorrect eruption of permanent adult successors, which often means the child will need extensive braces correction later on. Additionally, decayed baby teeth indicate poor oral hygiene and that can have permanent damage on adult teeth when they erupt.

There are many ways to prevent decay, such as fluoride application, fissure sealants and regular dental exams.

Fluoride is a substance found in toothpaste and in tap water. When applied on teeth in lower concentrations such as those found in dental settings, they can add minerals to teeth and reverse the mild effects of decay.

Our teeth have numerous natural imperfections such deep pits and fissures, which bacteria can invade but toothbrush and toothpaste cannot reach.  The bacteria in the depths of these pits and fissures can start creating a hole that later become a decayed cavity. Fissure sealant is filling those pits and fissures with a material so that they become flat.

Regular dental check up is vital in having good oral health.  Our dentists will examine for any cavities and if they require fillings. Sometimes x-rays may need to be taken to determine if there is any decay in between the gaps.  Our dentists will also evaluate how well your child is brushing their teeth and any areas require more focus. Regular dental exams should begin as soon as the first baby teeth have erupted and should continue every 6 months.

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