Dental treatment during pregnancy has been a topic of some controversy in the past. I have found that many patients avoid visiting the dentist whilst pregnant for fears over any danger to their baby. Often these concerns involve radiation exposure, medications prescribed and anaesthetics.

We recommend visiting our practice for a general check up whilst planning a pregnancy. Routine dental treatment is safe during pregnancy, however there are certain procedures we will avoid. Therefore, if any complex treatment is required we can arrange this before pregnancy.

During pregnancy the change in hormone levels can cause a variety of dental issues. Most commonly ‘pregnancy gingivitis’ where the gums are more sensitive to any source of irritation such as plaque and calculus.It’s actually more important to come for regular cleans and checks around this time to help avoid these issues. It is more beneficial to your baby to prevent any serious dental infections that could lead to fever and septicaemia if left untreated.

Whilst most dental treatment is safe during pregnancy, we avoid more complex procedures mainly because it can be uncomfortable for our patient to lie in the chair for long appointments. Check ups, fillings, cleans are all very safe during pregnancy. We avoid taking X-Rays unless absolutely necessary, however, the radiation dose is very minimal if these are required.

There are many different types of medications and anaesthetics used in dentistry. The majority of these are completely safe for pregnant women, however, there are a few that are not suitable and these are not prescribed to our pregnant patients.

Don’t be afraid of dentistry during pregnancy, we are more than happy to discuss any of your concerns. To make an appointment please call (02) 96262033

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