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Oral Health for the whole family

A good oral hygiene regime for the whole family is important to prevent many dental problems from starting or developing. At your regular check-ups our dentists will perform a thorough examination, but there are steps the whole family can take to keep their teeth and...

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Dentistry and Pregnancy

Dental treatment during pregnancy has been a topic of some controversy in the past. I have found that many patients avoid visiting the dentist whilst pregnant for fears over any danger to their baby. Often these concerns involve radiation exposure,...

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What to do about sensitive teeth and worn tooth enamel

Do you suffer from sensitivity when eating cold food or drink? You may have "abrasion lesions". This occurs when the outer protective enamel is worn away by inaccurate brushing techniques and force exposing the softer inner part of our tooth structure, known as...

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When should my child have orthodontic treatment?

Parents can often be wary and confused about orthodontic intervention for their young children.  At a general check up, a dentist will check the patients’ bite and development relative to their age.  Some orthodontic problems can be identified at...

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Children’s Preventative Dentistry

A good oral health starts with looking after your child’s baby teeth. A common misconception is that baby teeth are replaced so therefore they don’t require as much care. However, baby teeth that are rotten often have more permanent effects than you expect. Decayed...

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Children’s Dentistry

At Complete Family Dental, we believe achieving good oral health begins from a young age. This is why we take special care and attention in making all our child patients comfortable. We understand it is not unusual for children to feel anxious at going to the dentist...

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Pree Teenage Orthodontics

PRE TEENAGE  (INTERCEPTIVE) ORTHODONTICS Dr Hardman’s long experience and expertise in the field of orthodontics dates back  over 24 years. A revolution in diagnosis and technique has occurred in that  time but it is apparent the majority of dental GPs till have...

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Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Cracked Tooth Syndrome We’ve all experienced an ache in a tooth before when we’ve bitten on something hard. But did you know that you may be experiencing cracked tooth syndrome. This occurs when a crack forms on your tooth, usually back teeth, and biting pressure...

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Pre Teenage (Childrens) Interceptive Orthodontics

By 4 years the skull base and facial bones have reached 60% of adult growth. By 12 years this same growth of the facial skeletal system has reached 90%. If we wait until 90% of a deformity is established before starting children's orthodontics the time &...

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