Dr Hardman’s long experience and expertise in the field of orthodontics dates back  over 24 years. A revolution in diagnosis and technique has occurred in that  time but it is apparent the majority of dental GPs till have little if any training in the skills required to assess a child for dental and facial development at a time when it is absolutely vital to correct abnormalities before they get out of hand. This is pretty fundamental to your expectation and their right to an attractive face and smile. We diagnose and treat to a plan from 8 years of age this is rare in the industry.

By 4 years the skull base and facial bones have reached 60% of adult growth By 12 years this same growth of the facial skeletal system has reached 90% Thus to wait until 90% of a deformity is established before instituting orthodontic treatment demonstrates a profound lack of understanding and our duty of care for the children entrusted to us. It also drastically increases costs Successful treatment of growth discrepancies involve all the bones of the facial skeleton from the eyes down. The ideal dimensions  (parameters) can be measured vertically, horizontally and front to back in angular and line measurements called cephalometrics. The discrepancies linked to growth changes are then identified and can be and should be treated well before 12 years of age. As dental GPs we should be capable of basic orthodontic diagnosis and treat the majority of cases before the teenage years.

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