Children’s Dentistry

We make the experience a pleasant and happy one.



We take care of them!


Over our decades of experience we have realised it is most important to make our treatment of children as smooth as possible. We therefore concentrate our attention on ensuring that their experience is a pleasant and happy one.


Although dental decay was a scourge of the past, these days we are more focused on developmental aspects of the teeth and when necessary we can intervene and treat growth problems and implement orthodontic treatment from 8 years of age.


Treatment of very young children from 4 to 6 years is by in large preventive with the main objective maintaining oral health. In serious situations, we always have “Happy Gas” in case the children become unsettled.


Complete family dental offers (Child dental benefits schedule) which means you can bulk bill for your children.


As part of your Family treatment you may be interested in our Family Dental Special. As part of our complete family package we are offering an examination, check up, cleaning, polishing & topically applied fluoride for $180 per child this is covered under CDBS.


We recognise that families and modern professionals are time poor. Our high level of efficiency allows treatment to be completed in minimal time.


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