Children’s Orthodontics

Free initial consultation, very competitive rates & flexible payment terms.


Children’s Orthodontics with a difference

We take care of them!

We offer a full range of orthodontic options for children. Our Orthodontic treatment is affordable with a Free initial consultation and we offer flexible payment plans.


This is the perfect time to begin a more natural and gentle orthodontic plan for your children.

This is a removable plate, designed to open up the dental arch as natural growth occurs. This means that teeth do not have to be extracted at a later stage, because of overcrowding.

By starting at an earlier age we are able to eliminate the removal of teeth. We save you worry and cost by doing it right from the beginning! Orthodontics is an area of our expertise with over 20 years experience.

Why choose us?

  • Free Initial no obligation consultation
  • A large range of options to match your child
  • Just ask for clear braces
  • Very competitive with rates & open to payment plans that fit your lifestyle!
  • Possible rebates depending on health cover fund

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