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Dental Crowns. What are they ?

A crown is basically a cap over a broken down tooth. It restores the appearance and function of the teeth and is a long term solution. A crown may be recommended after a tooth has been root filled, to restore strength. Root filled teeth routinely require this sort of strengthening to protect them. Our crowns are porcelain ceramic and are matched to your natural teeth, without the metal core which tends to leave a black line at the gum margin.

We have many years of expertise in this field. You may be interested in dental crowns for the following;

  • restore a broken, chipped, misshaped or crooked tooth
  • restore unsightly , stained or washed out fillings
  • close a space between the teeth
  • cover a permanently stained or discoloured tooth
  • straighten your smile
We use an Australian, local technician, cheap crowns are often made overseas and there is no guarantee of quality!
We guarantee our crowns as locally made, by a top technician.

Our Dentist has advanced training in crown and bridges, and  it is one of the specialities of the practice. We provide optimum treatment for long lasting results for both appearance and strength.

A good quality crown, made by someone with expert knowledge of the field should last a lifetime.
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