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High quality well priced Orthodontics

We offer a complete range of Orthodontics for adults and children. Our Orthodontic treatments are affordable and we offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION with flexible payment plans.
For adults simple corrective procedures can be completed within 12 weeks with either braces, wire or plates depending on the patient.

Orthodontic treatment can be for anyone starting from the age of 8 years. The main benefit of early age orthodontic treatment is that in most cases it means that teeth do not have to be extracted. The point is to open up the palate to fit the teeth, not wait until it is too late and then extract them. A child of 13 has already had 90% of development, and by then it is too late for the very best treatment and results.

In adults, many are relapsed cases from childhood and can be treated simply and quickly with removable plates. These courses can be completed within 12 weeks. Minor cases to tidy up and realign the front teeth can be treated with tooth coloured wires and braces and are almost invisible.

A three month orthodontic course is simple, affordable, and effective.

In our practice we integrate orthodontics to achieve beautiful teeth & smile.

Our prices are very competitive and we provide a FREE initial consultation.

Depending on your health cover you can claim back some of the cost from your health fund

Orthodontics is an area of our expertise with over 20 years experience.

Why Choose us?

  • Free Initial consultation
  • Range of options to match every patient
  • Short courses up to 3 months for adults or for minor adjustments
  • High level of experience with children over 300 patients
  • Very competitive with rates & open to payment plans that fit your lifestyle!

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