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Orthodontics is not just a matter of moving teeth. We believe in the holistic approach for your children from the age of 6 – 16.This means earlier and simpler & more effective treatment. Our early prevention strategies often save costs and reduce the need to extract teeth at later times.

By the time a child is 14, 90% of their facial growth has occurred. The relationship of the jaws and the teeth has already been established. Early intervention may minimise problems which are more difficult to treat later, and may prevent the needless extraction of teeth.

Good orthodontics takes into account the growth of the face and jaws. We include a free orthodontic examination in the check up of all children. We also offer a free orthodontic consultation for adults.

Our experience of over 25 years treating thousands of patients allows us to offer all options for orthodontics including plates, aligners and braces.

Why Choose us?

  • Free Initial no obligation consultation
  • A large range of options for adults & children
  • Shorter corrective procedures available
  • Just ask for clear braces
  • Very competitive with rates & open to payment plans that fit your lifestyle!
  • Possible rebates depending on health cover funds

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