Are you snoring or grinding your teeth?

Don’t put up with the bad night’s sleep any longer. As well as annoying anyone trying to sleep near you, heavy snoring can be a sign of serious medical condition called Sleep apnoea. It means your airway is totally or partially blocked, stopping you breathing for a period of few seconds to a whole minute.

As well as causing you (and probably your partner) to wake up tired each day,sleep apnoea has serious health implications such as high blood pressure, causing fatigue and an increased risk of heart attack or stroke, severe grinding of teeth at night. It is not only limiting to adults but the kids suffering from it also do bed wetting.

Through a sleep study that will determine the root cause of your sleep apnoea, the Complete family dental team can provide you with the custom-made “bite splint” at night to alleviate your symptoms. The splint acts as an anti-snoring appliance as well as protect your teeth from grinding and chipping.

Don’t put up with the poor sleep any more.

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