Parents can often be wary and confused about orthodontic intervention for their young children.  At a general check up, a dentist will check the patients’ bite and development relative to their age.  Some orthodontic problems can be identified at a very early age and can benefit from preventive treatment.

For example, if a baby tooth needs to be removed before it is due to fall out, a space maintainer device can be made to ensure adequate space for the erupting adult tooth.  This can help to prevent crowding of the adult teeth.

Our dentists can also discuss options for managing habits such as thumb sucking.  After the age of around 3 this habit can contribute to orthodontic problems.  There are several strategies we can discuss to help children break this habit and prevent problems later on.

Generally orthodontic problems can be identified at around age 9-10.  Sometimes we recommend starting treatment at this age.  By starting early it can help to simplify later treatment.

All children are unique and we pride ourselves on tailoring a treatment plan to each individual patient we see.  What works for one child, may not be suitable for another!

Lastly, remember that it’s never too late to consider straightening teeth and there are options for patients of any age.  We are happy to discuss treatment options for the whole family.

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