Zoom Whitening System

Yesterday I acted as our trial patient for our new Zoom whitening system.
The results were amazing, my teeth are several shades lighter and look really good.
The system is fairly painless, the gums are protected from any damage, the bleach mixture applied and a curing light used in a block of fifteen minutes. The maximum number of times this can be done is four, but I had only two as I don’t personally want that “Hollywood white” I just wanted my teeth to look naturally whiter and better.

I did have a little sensitivity afterwards in my lower teeth, but that has now gone.
Probably the hardest part if the whole thing was being in the chair for over an hour, next time I would take my music and earphones and just “switch off”.

It is best to have a scale and clean a week or two before the whitening (this reduces the sensitivity) so book in for an examination and clean and make a time for a return visit for the bleaching.This will be great for maintenance, but also for special occasions when you want to look your very best.

The results will last for some years, and you can also get take home kits or whitening pens to maintain your investment.

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